Quality improvement has stated in our company in 1998.  We obtained ISO 9002 certification in 1999 and in 2003 our quality assurance system has been adopted to ISO 9001-2000: quality management system and the ISO 9001-2000 certification has been obtained from TUV technical control and certification Inc.

On the Coordinates Measurement Unit which has entered the inventory of our company in 1997, which ahs the dimensions of 710x660x460 mm and is able to measure in 0.001mm precision, we are now able to do interlude and final controls which are the most important parts of our production system.  Also the DEA brand CMM device entered into operation in September 2008 has increased our abilities in our quality management system as well as has been utilised for the measuring and reverse engineering requests coming from outside the company.  By virtue of the SP20 scanning head spectral line scan is now made possible and in modelling close-to-perfect results will be obtained.  Our company not only having the ability for precision production, has added profile projection, surface roughness and hardness measuring devices into its body and has been developing in line with the technology.  UNIGRAPHICS NX4 5 axis has been added on top of the ThinkDesign and HyperMILL  CAD-CAM programs  and improvement in productivity and responding to the requirements have been achieved.